Residential design, renovation

Offering sustainable, earthquake resistant housing

Make your house comfortable!!

Is your current house comfortable enough?
Do you have any problems or concerns about your house?

  • I want a spacious house that is big enough for hosting parties or cookouts.
  • I want a house that is filled with natural light and breeze.
  • I want a house that has different rooms for different purposes, such as reading, listening to music, playing instrument, studying, painting, etc.
  • I want the interior to be built by natural materials to prevent allergy.
  • I want my house to be elderly-friendly, with less stairs, and well-lighted place.
  • I want a house that is safe for my family. A place that is secured enough to protect my family from man-made & natural disaster such as thief, fire, flooding and earthquake.
  • I want my house to be energy efficient so that i could save electricity and for the future environment.

Any problems or concerns about your house, we can solve and redesign a whole new interior space for your desired life style.

Design Consultation

Our designer and architect will listen carefully and advise appropriate ideas and concept to reach the client's needs and desirable design of the residential spaces, new or reform.

Design Proposal

Based on the client's request, our designers will propose a residential spaces in related to the topic mentioned during the consultation. We will adjust to the client's budget and aim for the design that is suitable to the project.
We will promptly present a schematic drawing and discuss further details. If necessary, we will provide a 3D perspective drawings to easily picture the actual finishing look.
We will provide a written estimate budget list for the whole construction cost and explain it briefly.


Aside from interior decoration and built-in furniture, our construction services also includes air-conditioning, electrical wiring, lighting, plumbing, security system, earthquake resistant, signage, cost control to project management.

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